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Wildlife Conservation and Management Plan

The Inuvialuit Final Agreement was the first comprehensive land claim agreement north of 60. With its signing, certain requirements and responsibilities were delegated to the Wildlife Management Advisory Council (North Slope).

The Yukon North Slope Wildlife Conservation and Management Plan was one such requirement. This plan itself is the fruit of much labour by WMAC(NS) and our many partners. It provides a comprehensive look at this unique environment, and highlights the important relationship between the Inuvialuit and their land.

An important resource for anyone interested in the Yukon’s North Slope, the Wildlife Conservation and Management Plan outlines goals, objectives and concrete actions needed to conserve and protect this exceptional environment. Realization of the plan is dependant upon strong cooperation in the region – everyone must play their part.

The Wildlife Conservation and Management Plan offers guidance and information to government, co-management organizations, environmental assessment bodies, Inuvialuit and other aboriginal organizations, and the general public.

Volume I was produced in 1996, and Volume II in 2003 - the Council is currently working on updating these materials to more accurately reflect the current situation on the Yukon's North Slope. 

Volume 1: Environmental Overview    1794KB

Volume 2: Goals and Actions    1499KB

Volume 3: Wildlife Population Status Reports (2012)    3354KB

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