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The Council


Lindsay Staples

A resident of Whitehorse, Lindsay Staples serves as the Wildlife Management Advisory Council (North Slope) Chair, and also works as a private consultant. His expertise lies in the fields of natural resource management, socio-economic and environmental impact assessment, and land claims self-government negotiations and implementation. Lindsay has a long-standing interest in the management of the Yukon North Slope and the implementation of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement. He possesses extensive experience in negotiation, facilitation and consensus-based processes involving a broad range of public policy issues.


Danny C. Gordon

Inuvialuit Game Council

Danny Gordon is currently a director of the Aklavik Hunters and Trappers Committee. A resident of Aklavik, Danny is an active hunter and trapper and is highly involved in his community.

Todd Powell

Government of Yukon

Todd is the Manager of Biodiversity Programs in the Fish and Wildlife Branch of the Yukon Government Department of Environment. He’s been working with fish and wildlife and parks agencies in western Canada since 1992. He earned a Masters of Science degree studying the effect of disturbance on northern mountain caribou. Having spent some time as a biologist in some busy, industrialized landscapes in northern Alberta, his interest in maintaining diversity and managing effects on wildlife is well established. Based in Whitehorse, his interests include the wildlife and biodiversity of the boreal cordillera as well as the arctic.

Christopher Hunter

Government of Canada

Christopher Hunter is the Ivvavik National Park and Pingo Canadian Landmark Site Manager and has worked with Parks Canada in the Western Arctic since 2008.  He was appointed as Canada member to the Wildlife Management Advisory Council (North Slope) in 2012.  Christopher brings a diverse and global background in natural resource management and conservation to Council through previous experience in planning, ecosystem base management and community based conservation.  Christopher and his family live in Inuvik, NT.                                                                         

Ernest Pokiak

Inuvialuit Game Council

Ernest recently completed 44 years of service for the territorial government in the airports division for the department of transportation, as regional airport manager for the Tuktoyaktuk Region. He is currently serving a term as Councillor for the hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk. Born on Banks Island, 80km northwest of Sachs Harbour, Ernest was raised on the land. In previous years, he served as Mayor of Tuktoyaktuk, Chair of the Tuktoyaktuk Education Authority, and as a Director for the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation Group. Ernest also worked as a Director of the Community Corporations of Sachs Harbour and Tuktoyaktuk.


Michelle Gruben 

Inuvialuit Game Council

Michelle Gruben is originally from Tuktoyaktuk but has called Aklavik home for the past 20 years. Michelle enjoys spending time out on the land and listening to stories from Elders in the region. Since 2009 she has worked for the Aklavik Hunters and Trappers Commitee as Resource Person, and was recently appointed to the Wildlife Management Advisory Council - North Slope. Michelle strongly believes in conservation and that we must all work together for the future.

Evelyn Storr

Inuvialuit Game Council

Evelyn – who is currently working for the Hamlet of Aklavik – was born and raised in Aklavik. From 1993-2004, she worked for the Aklavik Housing Association, and has also worked for the Northwest Territories Power Corporation in Inuvik. Evelyn served as the President of the Aklavik Hunters and Trappers Committee and is an active member of the Inuvialuit Investment Board.

Mike Suitor 

Government of Yukon

Mike Suitor is the Regional Biologist for the North Yukon Region, Fish and Wildlife Branch of Environment Yukon. Mike has a varied background having worked in various capacities for a number of provincial and federal government agencies. Most of his experience has focused on large mammal ecology with a specific focus on managing impacts on wildlife. He was appointed as alternate for the Yukon in 2013 and also provides technical expertise on fish and wildlife related matters to the Council. He sits on several other boards and committees including the Porcupine Caribou Technical Committee, the technical working group for the Inuvialuit Community Based Monitoring Program, and acts as a technical advisor for the Porcupine Caribou Management Board. Mike and his family live in Dawson City, Yukon.

Craig Machtans

Government of Canada

Craig Machtans, Alternate (Government of Canada). Craig is the supervisor of the Population and Conservation section of Canadian Wildlife Service in Whitehorse. He has been in Whitehorse since 2013 and spent the previous 17 years at CWS in Yellowknife and so has a good deal of northern experience. Most of his technical work has been on bird monitoring and conservation, policy development, and environmental assessment at local, regional and national scales.



Jennifer Smith

Executive Director

Jennifer Smith job shares this position with Christine Cleghorn. She has been working with the Council in various ways since 2008 and more permanently since 2010. She holds a diploma in Renewable Resource Management and has completed complementary course work from OUC. Originally from the Yukon, she has worked in various conservation, forestry, and wildlife management applications.   

Christine Cleghorn 

Executive Director

Christine Cleghorn began her work for the Council in 2010. She has worked across the North on issues of resource management, land claims implementation, and program evaluation. She holds a Master’s degree in Rural Planning and Development, and lives with her family in Whitehorse