Herschel Island

Projects and Events

WMAC(NS) values its role as both a leader and promoter of research on the Yukon North Slope. The Council is responsible for recommending the allocation of research funds under the Inuvialuit Final Agreement. Recommendations are based on research prioirites identified in:

  • The Yukon North Slope Wildlife Conservation and Management Plan;
  • The Yukon North Slope Long Term Research and Monitoring Plan;
  • The Porcupine Caribou Management Plan;
  • The Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR) Grizzly Bear Management Plan;
  • Meetings with the Aklavik Hunters and Trappers Committee;
  • Community consultation at public meetings in Aklavik;
  • Research priorities identified in the Arctic Borderlands Ecological Knowledge Co-op Annual Gatherings.

The research is intended to contribute to the health and preservation of the Yukon North Slope and the people who call it home.

Council members take part in many opportunities to gather with individuals and groups working and living on the Yukon North Slope. Meetings and conferences provide Council members with the chance to discuss the issues and concerns of residents and to work with residents and researchers alike to preserve the land and its people.