Caribou on the horizon

The Yukon North Slope

The Yukon North Slope stretches from Alaska through the Northwest Territories and includes the northernmost part of the Yukon mainland, as well as the adjacent Beaufort Sea and its near and far-shore islands. Undeniably, the Yukon North Slope is flanked by grandeur. To the west, Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. To the south, the Old Crow Flats and their important waterfowl populations. To the east, the Mackenzie River Delta.

The Canadian people have come to appreciate the Yukon North Slope as an ecological work of art – long celebrated by the Inuvialuit – and an area to be protected and conserved. The Wildlife Management Advisory Council (North Slope) is also committed to this end.

To understand the Yukon North Slope, one must understand the many close relationships at play – relationships between unique landscapes, prosperous wildlife, and the traditional people whose livelihood depends on them. This wondrous interplay between humans and nature ensures that the Yukon North Slope will continue to thrive.