North Slope Conference Proceedings

The Yukon North Slope Conference is a requirement of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement, signed in 1984 between the Inuvialuit, Canada, the Northwest Territories and Yukon. The Agreement called for the establishment of a conference to promote public discussion around the management of the Yukon North Slope amongst aboriginal people, governments and the private sector.

Since 1988, eight conferences have been held to address a wide variety of issues and bring together diverse perspectives for improved management. Each and every conference serves to advance the conservation of wildlife and the environment on the Yukon North Slope through the exchange of ideas, experiences and points of view.

For Conference Proceedings prior to 2003, please contact the WMAC(NS) office.

2015 North Slope Conference Proceedings    2699KB

2012 Yukon North Slope Conference Proceedings    4283KB

2007 Conference Proceedings    3085KB

2003 Conference Proceedings    1046KB

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